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Thanks and huge handshakes and hugs to the 31 folks who were courageous and creative enough to craft a 2-minute pitch and stand and deliver it on the stage at the Hippodrome last Thursday night. Your topics were most impressive and convincing….even though there aren’t enough slots for all to speak at TEDxRVA on March 22, you all had IDEAS WORTH SPREADING!

Lyssa Adkins: agile coaches: leaders of the future

Taryn Adkins: new ways to stop bullying in schools

Nicole Anderson-Ellis: how communities can grow without killing themselves

Alison Andrews: transforming urban landscape thru art

Yusef Bishop: med generation: retired vet

John Blake: poetry saves lives

Ray Tademy: creating space for dads to be engaged

Charlie Dianolus: REDUX: sustainability, and art education

Denise Dolan: bringing out the best in your relationships

Katy Foucar-Szocki: harness your true potential

Lisa Coates: education

Patton Gleason: creating the ultimate running experience

Charles Graziano: the healing power of poetry & the harm of big pharm

Keenya Griffin: embrace your curls!

Victor Haskins: music

JM Holland: what we need to do for our public schools

Kenneth Kahn: extraordinary things with combining disciplines

Noah Kim: the power of a good teacher

Jere Kittle: a new symbol in the human visual language

Jennifer Koch: embracing spirit, culture from home

Taylor Laub: creativity, synergy and Mozart

Christy Foldenauer: the blessing of creativity

Jason Lefton: BIG SECRET: Staying Small

Ansel Olson: how do we re-create ourselves

Lorna Pickney: how to create a platform for creativity

Casey Quilan: how much is that? Would fix healthcare

Karen Madison: creating stillness through breath awareness

Emily Sanders: changing the way we view waste

Les Schaffer: storyteller

Kristen Ziegler: fear and dreams: the importance of risk taking

Morgan Zito: how to spread local music