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Step #1: Call for Speakers!

Our Speaker Team begins the search by posting the speaker application and nomination form online. They also reach out to folks around town to get their ideas on potential speakers. After, the team reads the submissions, considers recommendations, and brainstorms speakers to recruit that represent the diverse perspectives of our community while considering age, race, background, location, and experience.

Step #2: Meet with Potential Speakers 

After identifying potential speakers, the team breaks into small groups for informal meetings with speaker candidates over coffee or a phone call. After, the team meets to discuss a potential speaker’s idea or story and how it contributes to the overall theme.

Step #3: Vote on Speakers

The team has follow-up meetings with each candidate to refine their topic and explore questions from the team. Then, they come together and use a democratic process to decide who will be a good fit. Speakers chosen by the team receive formal confirmation, and are assigned a coach to assist them as they prepare their talk.

Step #4: Prepare for the Big Event 

Leading up to the event, speakers participate in workshops to practice their talk, get feedback, and join organizers for a mandatory rehearsal the day before the event.

We’re excited to announce the return of TEDxRVA for its fifth consecutive year! Join us on Friday, June 23rd at the Carpenter Theater for a full day of talks and experiences exploring this year’s theme: Change.