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Amy Pruden, PhD | Biologist

Dr. Amy Pruden grew up in Toledo, Ohio and attended the University of Cincinnati for her Bachelors in Biology and Ph.D. in Environmental Science. Since then, she’s been a professor at Colorado State University, and now teaches at Virginia Tech in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering as part of the Flint Water Study team. She has worked closely with professor Marc Edwards since 2008, advising a team of students working to understand what exactly triggers Legionella and other pathogens to bloom in plumbing. Her work draws from new high-throughput DNA sequencing tools to understand how factors like water chemistry, plumbing material, and water fixture design are shaping the thousands of species of microbes inhabiting tap water and how such factors could be engineered to prevent pathogen growth.

Amy’s talk focuses on her research, understanding of the Flint, Michigan water crisis, and other unexpected lessons informed by her research.