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Elda Stanco Downey, PhD | Global Citizen, Educator

A resident of Roanoke, Virginia, Dr. Elda Stanco Downey was born in Venezuela and grew up trilingual, speaking Spanish, Italian, and English. Dr. Stanco Downey earned an Honors Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Romance Languages & Literatures at The University of Chicago. She holds an MA and a PhD in Hispanic Studies from Brown University, and has been a visiting scholar at the Universidad de Salamanca in Spain and at Harvard University. She is the Founder of Roanoke Spanish, a cultural intelligence services firm, a faculty member of the Virginia Tech Carilion School of Medicine, and the Director of Operations for VALHEN (Virginia Latino Higher Education Network).

In her talk, Elda shares how embracing one’s vulnerability gives us a deeper and more meaningful toolbox for leaning into change.