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Embodied Empathy | Embodiment Virtual Reality Researchers

Embodied Empathy
​ is a collaboration between Jill B. Ware and John Henry Blatter. Their research explores empathic concern, bias and movement experiences in order to strengthen medical education and to benefit the medical community. In 2017, they became essential research partners with the international virtual reality team, BeAnotherLabs. The collaborative team has been awarded research funding through the VCUarts Inclusion Infusion Grant, the VCUarts Exploratory Research Grant, the VCUarts Faculty Inclusion Grant, and the Presidential Research Quest Fund. Current collaborative medical partners include: Dr. John Nestler, a controlled study looking at the effects of experiencing gerontology patients on first year medical students; Dr. Scott Vota and Dr. Kathleen Pearson, a project working with ALS patients and dancers from VCU Dance; and Dr. Courtney Holmes on a collaboration between arts students and behavioral counseling grad students. In addition to the medical work, Jill and John have recently had their EVR experience ​Wooded Dance​ exhibited at UrbanGlass in Brooklyn, NY.