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Mateo Silvan | Sophomore at George Wythe High School

Mateo Asencio-Silvan was born in Candor, North Carolina, and currently resides in the Southside of Richmond, Virginia and attends George Wythe High School. Mateo plans to use his two favorite hobbies, sewing and painting, in the near future to become an entrepreneur. Measurements, patterns, ratios, and anything within the math subject related to fashion will be no problem for Mateo because mathematics is his favorite subject. In February he participated in the first annual Recycle and Design fashion show at George Wythe High School, where he designed 17 of the 18 garments worn throughout the show and closed the show by modeling his very own design.Though his portfolio only began with events as early as this year, he has participated in four fashion events this year and still has three shows to go before the year is out! He has proven that he is willing to work hard and put in the effort it takes to become a success.