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Open Mic 2016

February 17, 2016
Gallery 5
Doors @ 6 PM Speakers start promptly @ 7-9:30 PM
Open to the public
Cost: Free

February 24, 2016
Richmond Public Library
Doors @ 6 PM Speakers start promptly @ 7-8:30 PM
Open to the public
Cost: Free

Wow! Every year, Richmond continues to impress us with the amount of Ideas Worth Spreading around here. And this year’s two Open Mic events did not disappoint.

We’d like to thank Gallery 5, Richmond Public Library, our MCs, all of our volunteers, and – of course – the speakers!

Congratulations to Sheila Battle, Moxie LaBouche, and Bill Maher for winning speaking slots at the TEDxRVA 2016!

Sheila Battle

*Photography by Cambria McCue

Moxie Labouche

Bill Maher

 *Video by Tijo Media

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