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After a couple of successful Open Mic Nights in March (as preparation for our big event coming up June 23), in April we were back to our monthly TEDxRVASalon to hear from the community about sustainability.

It’s no secret that the earth’s resources are in fact finite. Nothing lasts forever. The energy debate regarding fossil fuels is important and it’s to our advantage to be aware of what alternative resources are available to power our homes, cars, businesses and more, especially right here in Richmond.

We are lucky to have one of the pioneers of high-performance, sustainable design located here in Scott’s Addition, our event host Moseley Architects. There are a number of companies, both old and new, that are finding and testing innovative solutions in search of alternative energy resources. In April 2017’s Salon we learned more about them and discussed how we can be making sustainable changes with the help and guidance of folks who are already working to make this a priority in our community.  

Thanks for joining us on April 26th for a gathering of the minds and a variety of fresh perspectives on sustainability.