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NOVEMBER 13, 2021
Collegiate School



About the Organizers

Guided by curator Andy Stefanovich’s vision to grow TEDx in the RVA community, co-organizers Rhiannon Boyd and Erica Coffey, along with mentor Todd Waldo, we are committed to organizing [email protected] as a way to engage young people from all over the RVA region to spread ideas, grow community engagement, and include a diverse and dynamic group of speakers for one powerful evening.  The curatorial team and executive roles are fulfilled by students at Collegiate School.

About the Event

This event was created by a team of high school students who committed to study Richmond in order to understand who and what makes it great, who has ideas worth spreading, and who is committed to serving the young people of Richmond. Currently the website is under maintenance in order to get ready for the upcoming 2021 event. Continue checking back for updated information! #TEDxYouthRVA21

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