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Tom Doland | Health Advocate

As a lover of creativity, Tom founded Spiral Richmond Arts Collaborative to change the world through art, performance, and collaboration in 2014. Before his vision came to fruition, his momentum short-circuited when he was diagnosed as pre-diabetic, overweight, and hypertensive. The state of his health and a subsequent series of events caused him to question his ways of living. From there, he initiated a massive diet change and in a short time, was no longer pre-diabetic or hypertensive. His remarkable recovery led him to study horticulture, and nutrition and food science.

Tom takes the stage after winning one of our TEDxRVA Open Mic competitions in March, 2017. His talk involves his own story, teaching people of all ages and walks of life, especially children, that good nutrition is not only attainable, but necessary to live our fullest lives.