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April Auger Perrin | Sustainable Fashion Advocate

April Auger Perrin is the owner and creator of the website All Awear. She started her career doing public relations in the fashion industry and dreamed about one day combining her love of both fashion and philanthropy. At the time, she had no idea what that meant (this was before the days of TOMS shoes). She envisioned the fashion industry as an engine to empower people throughout the world and to serve as a model to other industries in conducting business ethically. Following her stint in fashion, April spent 8 years working in the nonprofit sector training political and business leaders to use their resources and skills to improve social problems within the Commonwealth of Virginia. April has a Master’s Degree in Nonprofit Studies from the University of Richmond, where she wrote her thesis on fashion-related social entrepreneurship. In June 2017, she launched All Awear as a culmination of her work in fashion, wardrobe styling, and the nonprofit sector. Her website is designed to inspire and connect consumers to ethical fashion brands as well as to educate them on the importance of conscious consumerism. She enjoys traveling and volunteering with local nonprofits. Most recently, her time is spent as a new mom to her son Atlas.