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Dr. Guizhi (Julian) Zhu | Assistant Professor of Pharmaceutics

Guizhi (Julian) Zhu is a KL2 Mentored Clinical Research Scholar, an Assistant Professor of Pharmaceutics at the Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU), a core member of Center for Pharmaceutical Engineering and Sciences, and an associate member of VCU Massey Cancer Center. Prior to that, he was a postdoc fellow at NIH-NIBIB where he studied the engineering and multimodal pharmacoimaging of novel drug delivery systems. During his graduate study at the University of Florida, he studied molecular and nanoparticulate DNA theranostics. The research in his group is in the interfaces of immunology, pharmaceutical engineering, and biomaterials. Particularly, his primary research interest is the development of nucleic acid theranostics and drug delivery systems for the immunotherapy of diseases, including cancer, autoimmune diseases, infectious disease, and drug abuse. He has published over 80 peer-reviewed papers in Nature Communications, Science Advances, Nature Reviews Materials, PNAS, JACS, Angewandte Chemie, ACS Nano, Advanced Materials, and others. The ultimate goal of his research group is to integrate pharmacoengineering principle with pharmacology for the treatment of diseases. His research has been funded by an NINDS R21, NCATS KL2, VCU Pharmaceutical Engineering and Sciences, and others.