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APRIL 8, 2016
Carpenter Theatre at CenterStage

Artwork by Lloyd Young
Video by Digital Oven
Music by No BS! Brass


Dr. Makola Abdullah | University President

Sheila Battle | Soul Care Advocate

Stefan Bekiranov | Systems Biologist

John Dau | Human Rights Activists

Dr. Danielle Dick | Psychologist

Ted Elmore | Community Advocate

John Freyer | Interdisciplinary Artist

Gull | Musician

Gina Lyles and Trey Hartt | Juvenile Justice Activists

Dr. Allison Jackson | Trauma Informed Care Specialist

Moxie LaBouche | Burlesque Performer

Bill Maher | Drug Intervention Specialist

Pam Mines | Special Needs Advocate

Dr. Peter Pidcoe | Rehabilitation Engineer

Robert Russell | Achitectural Historian

Holladay Saltz | Perfumer

Dr. Gaynell Sherrod | Educator, Choreographer

Jessica “Culture Queen” Smith | Performing Artist

Stephen Vitiello | Sound Artist

About the Event

This past April, we celebrated what it means to be ARTFUL at the Carpenter Theatre at Dominion Arts Center. ARTFUL is a quality. An opportunity. An invitation to approach life, work and challenges as a master would his craft. It’s unbound by industry, unlimited in its expression, and a wellspring of inspiration.