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The Adverse Childhood Experiences Study is something that everybody needs to know about. Kaiser and the CDC asked 17,500 adults about their history of exposure to what they called “adverse childhood experiences,” or ACEs.Those include physical, emotional, or sexual abuse; physical or emotional neglect; parental mental illness, substance dependence, incarceration; parental separation or divorce; or domestic violence.

The study revealed the relationship between ACEs and negative health and well-being outcomes across the life course and the fact that almost two thirds of the participants experienced at least one ACE. As the number of ACEs increases so does the risk of conditions like alcoholism and alcohol abuse, depression, ischemic heart disease, suicide attempt, risk for sexual violence and poor academic achievement.

At our June salon, we will learn more about the impact of ACEs on children and adults.  We will also discuss how our community can help others as we hear a compelling case for “connection as a cure”.  Join us on June 21 at the Virginia Treatment Center for Children, where their staff is transforming children’s mental health care by defeating the stigma and treating families with compassion, respect and clinical expertise.

Doors open at 6pm and the event begins promptly at 6:30pm. Although the TEDxRVASalon is a free event, registration is required. Admission will be on a first-come, first-served basis so please arrive early as seating is limited!