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With the rise of technology and machine learning, how are we changing the way we do business and what does this mean for the future of work?

Technology has been exponentially transforming our lives, from the way we recruit and hire our workers, to the way we train, collaborate, and evolve with them. We are more connected today than we have ever been before and we are seeing a trend towards co-working office spaces and collaboration.

Think about the last time you were at the office. Though we’re given 8 hours a day in a space that was meant for work, can you think of the last time you could get fulfilling work accomplished at your 9 to 5? Why don’t organizations and businesses consider where you actually want to go and what you need when you truly want to get something done?

We held our September Salon at Atlas 42 on September 20th to discuss our predictions on what the future of work will look like. We reviewed several TED Talks that touch base on how technology is changing the world we live and work in.

Click below to read our recap of the night!